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eLottery was founded as UniStar Gaming Corporation.
eLottery developed a telephone-based lottery for the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Idaho and its National Indian Lottery.
eLottery developed an internet-based lottery for the National Indian Lottery.
  • Developed and field tested technology that assures necessary security, age and border controls required to process a lottery transaction.
  • Invested over $30 million in the design, development and operation of Internet based lottery systems.
    The National Indian Lottery commenced operations of its internet games. eLottery managed all aspects of the operations.
  • Conducted millions of ecommerce lottery transactions using a full line of Internet, Intranet, telephone, accounting, banking and database applications and services.
    The Coeur d'Alene Tribe discontinued the National Indian Lottery in response to an adverse ruling by the District Court for the District of Idaho.
    eLottery filed two successful patent applications related to on-line lottery sales positioning the Company as a leader in internet-based lottery applications. (See Intellectual Property.)
    eLottery was the Exclusive web based retailer of lottery tickets for the Jamaica Lottery.
    eLottery conducted "Best of Breed" study of U.S. lottery websites which defines the most desired and effective functionalities required of a Lottery website.
    eLottery completed the functional design of an internet based lottery subscription system for the Maryland Lottery. Though never implemented, the functional design augmented eLottery's extensive experience with internet based lotteries.
    eLottery provided sophisticated internet based marketing services for several lotteries, including the Idaho Lottery, Indiana's Hoosier Lottery, the Jamaica Lottery, and the Maryland Lottery.
    eLottery reorganizes as a private company to develop its technology and intellectual property solely for the governmental lottery industry.
    eLottery receives patent awards broadly covering internet retailing of government lottery tickets in the United States, Canada, China and Australia with several U.S. and International patents filed and pending.
    eLottery receives its first e-commerce contract for a major U.S. lottery and will commence their operations in 2010.
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