• Proven - eLottery has positioned itself as the proven Internet partner to lead the governmental lottery industry into the e-commerce market.
  • Experienced - eLottery has conducted millions of e-commerce lottery transactions using a full line of Internet based products.
  • Technology - eLottery has operated Internet, intranet, telephone, communications, accounting, banking, database and other applications and services that can facilitate the electronic sale of new and existing lottery products worldwide.
  • Patented - The design and operation of our operating system is covered by two US Patents and our International patents are filed and pending.
  • Management - eLottery has assembled a first class management team of seasoned lottery and Internet savvy executives who possess the experience and relationships to successfully integrate the Internet into a wide range of lottery operations, including the sale of lottery tickets.
  • Leadership - eLottery has become a leader in the Internet lottery market by addressing the many complex legal, political and social issues facing governmental lotteries as they react to the significant market changes signaled by the rapid growth of the Internet.

    US and Foreign Patent Awards
    eLottery received three U.S. patents broadly covering Internet retailing of state lottery tickets.
      ° Patent #6,322,446- A system and a method is provided for facilitating on-line lottery games, subscription and instant game play over the Internet.
      ° Patent #6,383,078- A system and a method for facilitating state lottery games with a screening and a verification function.
      ° Patent #6,869,358- Broaden prior intellectual property to cover subscription play, use of prepaid credit cards and pre stored ticket numbers for instant ticket play.
    eLottery received three international patents in China, Australia and Canada covering internet retailing of governmental lottery tickets.
      ° Australia. #AU 2002-236547B2
      ° China. #01823772X260658
      ° Canada. #2,268,279
      Patents pending and filed in other foreign jurisdictions.
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