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Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights)

We have recently received three U.S. patents (#6,322,446, #6,383,078 and # 6,869,358) broadly covering Internet retailing of state lottery tickets. On September 5, 2005, the company’s patent #6,383,078 was granted in Mexico. During 2005 to 2008, the company's patent #6,322,446 was granted in Australia, Canada and China. Foreign patents for this operating system are also filed and pending in 18 other countries. The success of eLottery will be affected by its ability to design, develop and market new products and new or enhanced applications. The patent ability of such new products or applications is evaluated and patent applications are filed where necessary to protect unique developments.

eLottery has registered or applied to register its trademarks when it believes registration to be important to its ongoing business operations. In addition, eLottery has registered and owns numerous Internet domain names that it is using or may use in the future in its business. eLottery has secured all appropriate Internet domain names to operate, and other specific new business initiatives in the U.S.

eLottery also generally claims copyright protection for its software used in connection with its products and relies upon trade secret, contract and copyright laws to protect its proprietary rights in its software, designs and documentation.

System and method for operating on-line state lottery games
US Patent# US 6,322,446
Filed application on 12/10/99; Issued 11/20/01
A system and a method for facilitating state lottery games with a screening and a verification function. A lottery agent system includes an agent server for facilitating the purchase and screening of players and winning tickets, and a state lottery administrator for providing security or serial numbers for verification. Also, a method for claiming awards for the winning tickets upon a drawing of winning numbers. Upon receiving information of the winning tickets, the state provides the agent server with claim validation numbers associated with the winning tickets for claims on lottery awards by winning players.

On-line lottery game system
US Patent# US 6,383,078
Filed application on 3/17/00; Issued 5/07/02
A system and a method is provided for facilitating on-line lottery games, subscription and instant game play over the Internet. The system includes an agent server for storing criteria required for playing the lottery games, for verifying information received from the service provider server with the criteria, and for providing lottery games to the terminals. The agent server receives caller ID information associated with location of the player and verifies the caller ID information with the criteria setting forth requirements for playing the games.

System and method for operating internet state lottery games
US Patent# US 6,869,358
Filed application on 12/10/99; Issued 3/22/05
Broadens the system and a method for facilitating state lottery games described in patent #6,322,446 to include instant games that are sold from the computer desktop. Further, it specifically adds subscription services as an additional sales vehicle above and beyond a direct sale of services on the internet.
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