eSubscription Program

The eLottery Subscription Service applies the power of the Internet to offer state-of-the-art functionality for processing and managing subscription services. Using the eLottery subscription service you can quickly, easily and safely open the internet channel for the intra-state sales of your state's lottery tickets. This program has the potential to provide double digit increases in your ticket sales.

Why Subscriptions Subscription services have been tried before without great results. Why do we think we will be successful? Current subscription processes are error prone, labor intensive and slow. They use postal mail to deliver correspondence back and forth to the subscriber. We automate the transaction process resulting in an efficient system and substitute email for postal mail. This allows us to deliver what consumers want… convenience, speed and 24 hour operation. We can also take advantage of the internet channel to effectively build our subscriber base.

Easy to Implement, no cost to the state and no RFP How does it work? eLottery becomes a non exclusive sales agent by signing your standard agent agreement with some minor modifications to account for certain unique aspects of the internet channel. eLottery is responsible for marketing the states' lottery games to residents of its state. eLottery earns a regular agent fee.

Secure system and operation Our retail ticket ordering system connects to your online game through a secure interface. This interface is built by your online game provider and paid for by eLottery. Simultaneous with entering into our agent agreement with you we enter into a technology cooperation agreement with your online provider. This agreement specifies development of the interface and the certification of our retailing operations.

Revenue model Depending on the state 80-85% of your majority aged population has access to the internet. Our marketing efforts are targeted to achieve a 5% penetration within 24 months of our first ticket sale. This means more than $1 million in ticket sales per 100,000 of majority aged population. For a presentation of revenue potential and implementation guidelines for your state, contact

Compliance with federal and state laws and regulations Key applicable Federal laws are the Anti Lottery statutes and the Wire Act. Since we will be an authorized lottery sales agent in your state and will be selling tickets exclusively on an intra-state basis our process complies with both. The state regulatory framework varies states by state. Since we are just substituting email for postal mail, it should not be a major problem. Key is the ability to accept an electronic form of payment … credit card, debit card or direct check. To obtain a review of laws and regulations for your state contact eLottery for an access code to your section in the confidential state by state data bank.

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